A Message from Atlantis for Separated Souls

From the goddess Robin-

You may feel that the recent events have been like an eruption pulling you away from your lover, but the angels on the vertical plane are sending rays of healing energy to those of you who are spread far apart. You will be reunited when the fire dies down. It will feel like a giant release and a return to home. This will happen during the next full moon. Many will be reunited again. Right now your mind is conflicted, worrying and wondering about what may happen in the future. You feel blindfolded as to what’s going on and need more insight to feel balanced and grounded. Know that the above angels, with Archangel Metatron, are pouring healing waves of golden-white light over the earth plane now. Helping to put out the fires that are erupting and soothing emotions. Yes, there will be a reuniting of souls that are meant to be together for a larger purpose. Don’t allow your mind to dwell too much on the dark images you see. Don’t let the darkness take root in your mind. The enemy is not external. He is within. He is at your doorstep, ringing your bell. Don’t answer and certainly don’t let him in.

Be united of mind now, regardless of the distance you face.

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