A message from Archangel Gabriel

I have been on a bit of a psychic hiatus for the last few weeks. Nothing is wrong. I just have not felt called to pass along any messages until just now. As you have seen, I’ve kept myself busy and calm by cooking up a storm which is a very relaxing thing for me. Tonight, I hear a message from the Archangel Gabriel who would like to speak to you. AA Gabriel is the messenger angel. You can feel his presence by seeing birds who are like winged messengers for him. He is cloaked in diamond white fire energy and he sits in the westerly direction. He helps us to communicate our messages clearly and to listen with compassion to our fellow human beings.

Gabriel’s message: If you have been feeling a little off lately, know that is a sign that you are processing all the changes that you are going through right now. All will be okay—different but okay. Listen to your body’s messages. If you feel you need to rest, do so. If you feel you need a mental break, disconnect from the world for a short time. Take breaks and be kind to yourself. Your view, your scope has been limited and narrowed recently—open yourself up wide. Allow yourself to expand, to see beyond your little bubble, beyond your walls and into the vastness that is truly around you. There is nothing that can hold you back from touching that vastness. That is God’s gift to you. You are limitless.

Beneath the surface of your current problem lies a great blessing. There is hidden treasure waiting patiently to be unearthed. Don’t take too long to find your treasure. Don’t be so focused on what your eyes can see on the surface. What’s underneath all this tragedy and challenge? There is something growing. And it is good and positive. You will see signs of peace from above. Look for them and keep your ears open for the messages you will receive. You each have an angel, a guardian, a guide who is ever present with you. See if you can hear the voice. There are messages to be revealed. Trust your instincts. Trust yourself.

Believe in you!

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