7 Day Energy Healing Angelic Forecast for the week of January 27, 2020

Monday- Making out on top – All the hard work you’ve been doing manifesting and praying have laid the groundwork for your victory. Expect situations to turn in your favor and people to support you.

Tuesday- Be still – Take moments of inaction to appreciate the beauty of the day before receiving miracles and blessings today. This day ushers in luck and prosperity.

Wednesday- Listen, stop, feel – If you want your intuition to grow, you have to be open to hearing the messages. This can only be done by stopping the internal dialogue you have with yourself and listening fully. Don’t ignore those sensations and feelings. That may be Divine guidance trying to get your attention.

Thursday- Move forward – You can let go of things that are weighing you down so you can move forward now. There is a whole other world waiting for you on the other side of that closed door.

Friday- Treat yourself well – Take some time today to do something nice for yourself. Be your own best friend. Don’t feel sorry for paying extra attention to your needs today.

Saturday- Have faith – Know that the darkness is not winning. They are actually losing ground. Stay light. Know you are safe and protected from harm.

SundayBe prepared – Major revelations will come to you out of the blue. You will be able to connect the dots easily. Understanding that has been just out of grasp will come to you unexpectedly.

This week be prepared for miracles and changes. You are finally going to start understanding why the last few months have been so challenging for you. - Archangel Michael

Hope your week illuminates amazing possibilities for you!

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