7 Day Energy Healing Angelic Forecast for the week of January 20, 2020

Monday- Forgiveness – Through letting go of the toxic emotions that anger, spite, and hatred can have on the body and soul, you will feel yourself ascend to a lighter state of mind.

Tuesday- Joy is yours to take – Be joyful for all the small, little things you usually ignore. Joy is all around you today. Smile and know that you deserve to be happy today.

Wednesday- Be more flexible – Those rigid ideas you have about right & wrong, good vs. bad, light vs. dark, need to be reevaluated. As you become fluid like water you find yourself reaching higher levels of inner peace and knowing.

Thursday- Study – Learn more about what’s been making you curious lately. Find out more about how you can help heal yourself…which will lead you to help healing others. Together this can be done.

Friday- Don’t pollute your sacred temple- Your body is truly your sacred temple. Watch what you are consuming. Is that nourishing your body? Try to opt for things that satisfy your sacred body’s needs. Treat your body as a special place that you only temporarily rent—truly it is a vessel for growth & enlightenment.

Saturday- Listen to your intuition – If something doesn’t feel right, don’t just let it go. Don’t ignore that feeling telling you something smells off. Trust your inner knowing.

SundayPay attention to the moon – Notice how the cycle of the moon influences your psyche and your body on particular days. If you are prone to headaches, this may be a cause—the pull of the magnetic energy of the moon on certain days.

Each day try to go forward with a quiet sense of excitement that miracles can happen at any time for you. You are truly loved in spirit.

Thank you Archangel Raphael for this healing message. If you need extra support and healing, call upon A.A. Raphael to help you. Envision yourself surrounded by his green healing light. Ask him to help you rid your mind and body of the pain you might be facing.

Have a great week!

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