7 Day Energy Forecast

>Monday- Have patience – You don’t need to force or rush anything. What is meant to be will float right into your life. You don’t need to take aggressive action to make it happen. Guide: Oonagh, the Celtic goddess of love, fertility, and home. Numbers: 2, 9, 11, 5, 1. Crystal: Amber

>Tuesday- Rising up – Things are looking up for you today. This is a period of enhanced fertility. In this window of time new projects are coming to life. Guide: Ostara, the German goddess of Spring and renewal. Numbers: 6, 11, 5, 1, 3. Crystal: Amber

>Wednesday- Trust – You know what to do. Follow your intuition. Don’t let the doubt of others, even those you love, creep into your being and make you doubt yourself. You have the power to co-create the change you wish to see in your life. Guide: Athena, the Greek warrior goddess. Numbers: 7, 2, 1, 9, 5, 11. Crystal: Citrine

>Thursday- Give & receive – Allow others to help you today. Let yourself be open and vulnerable. Express your needs clearly. Show your appreciation by giving back to others. This will help you raise your vibrational level and increase your energy naturally. Guide: Hathor, Egyptian deity of creation and abundance. Numbers: 16, 11, 5, 1, 9, 2. Crystal: Larvikite.

>Friday- Own your power – You don’t need to play it safe and act small. You have the ability to manifest great things into your world. Know your worth. Let no one put you down. Today is a day to speak up. Let the warrior within you out. Use your gift of speech to help yourself and others heal. Guide: Ixchel, the Mayan goddess of health, healing, abundance, and creation. Numbers: 2, 6, 11 5, 1, 9. Crystal: Amber

>Saturday- Enhanced prosperity – Extra abundance is flowing into your world today. Be open to receiving it by allowing yourself to know you are worthy to receive such gifts from the Universe. Stay in gratitude for what comes your way. More abundance will float your way over the course of the next 4-5 months. Guide: Abundantia, Roman goddess of prosperity. Numbers: 11, 6, 9, 2, 1, 5. Crystal: Amethyst

>Sunday – Be at peace – Give each other a break This is a good day to give your mate some space and let each other reflect. Spend some moments in solitude. Trust that everything is working out for your best good. Guide: Archangel Gabriel, the angel of communication and messages. Numbers: 16, 5, 6, 2, 3. Crystal: Clear Quartz

People will try your patience this week. Take a deep breath, or two, and allow yourself to pause before you speak out. Know when to speak up and when to stay silent. Balance is the key word for the week.

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