12 Days of Yule - All Things Love

Here we are on the eve of the Winter Solstice. I hope you embark on this 12-day journey of love through Yule with me. Whether you are in a relationship, just starting out dating, on your own, or involved in something complicated, there is always a way to open your heart-space to more love. It’s needed more than ever now. When we feel love, and we know that we are radiant beings of love, it is so much easier for us to show love and spread that love out to the world.

I will be working with the Goddess Hekate to assist us each day. Each morning I will post a new ritual or exercise that you can do. You don’t need a ton of things. I am going to include a list of things you might want to have on hand. If you don’t have some items, don’t sweat it, just use what you have or what you feel called to. I’ll post a reminder each day on my social media but check out my blog each day for the full details on the rituals. You can subscribe so they will just be emailed to you daily here: https://www.thepsychiclibrarian.com/blog

Who is Hekate and why should we work with her? She is the Greek goddess of magic, the moon, crossroads, and herbalism. She comes forward to work with us now. This is her message to us:

“I am here to help you open doorways to access knowledge. It is knowledge—putting the puzzle pieces together--that unlocks the barriers you place upon yourself to love. Do not be mistaken. The barrier is always self-imposed for some reason. It is always internal, not external. If you chose to cross the threshold into deeper realms of knowledge you can start to thaw your heart. It begins with loving yourself and surrendering to the unknown. Love is your right. Own your power. Acknowledge your worth. Through this inner journey, you discover what keeps you from the love you seek. I’ll assist you with each spell you cast, each wish you make, each ritual and rite you perform.”

Things you might want to have on hand:

-An altar (remember anything can be used as an altar—a shelf, a tray, a nook in your house, the top of your dresser. It just needs to be a little spot dedicated to rituals and magic.)

-Day 1 – string, ribbon, or twine. A rose (pink or red), small scrap of cloth

-Day 2 – teapot and cups, mint tea, honey (or agave if vegan)

-Day 3 – rose quartz crystal

-Day 4 – clear quartz crystal, journal, Himalayan sea salt, rosemary

-Day 5 – small white candle (chime or votive), 2 pieces of candy

-Day 6 – jar, amethyst crystal

-Day 7 – pink candle, amber crystal or another love crystal such as rose quartz, garnet, lepidolite, or rhodochrosite

-Day 8 – key (either decorative or unused old one), white candle, essential oil (rosemary, sage, pine, or holly)

-Day 9 – mala beads, picture print out or figurine of the Goddess Parvati

-Day 10 – sage, oregano, 3-4 fresh rosemary sprigs, chamomile tea

-Day 11- any 2 crystals of your choice

-Day 12 – lovers card from a tarot deck or a printout of the image, rose quartz crystal, tarot or oracle deck

Again, feel free to go with your best judgment and substitute as needed.

Remember for magic to work you must believe it will. This is the component that is hard for some. Finding faith that things can change is not easy. Don’t doubt yourself because of your past mistakes or the bad situations you may have been mixed up in. Be your own cheerleader. Root for yourself. I’m rooting for you too! Also, anything we intend to do is done with the intention of causing harm to none.

If you have any questions, need more help, or want to schedule a one-on-one reading, contact me.



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