10:10 Portal 2020

The 10:10 portal is a like a gateway. It is an activation portal of higher levels of consciousness and Divine energy. This is energy that you can tap into to manifest a greater awareness and to help you move between different planes of existence.

How? Focus your intention on manifesting a positive outcome before you start to journey. Then find a place and time where you can be uninterrupted for at least 30 minutes. Lay down, settle in, relax, and allow your mind to wander and drift. Start by visualizing a scene you know that brings you joy. Then allow the scene to shift. Try not to manipulate the scene too much. Let it change unexpectedly and go with it. Afterward, reflect on what you saw. Did you make any new connections? Did you see anything that surprised you?

What’s in store for October to late November with all these energy shifts?

1. A shift towards a more spiritual life made by insights and revelations. An awakening or awareness of something larger. Expansion.

2. The development of deeper psychic insights that come during moments of quiet contemplation. The third eye opens or expands.

3. New ideas are being generated. Don’t be surprised if others can’t follow your ideas. Communication will still be an issue this month. Try to rephrase what you’re saying or save it for later to avoid conflicts that are unproductive.

4. Your patience will be tested. Try to stay out of dramas that don’t involve you. Let it go as much as possible. Flare ups are expected.

5. If you do get caught up in the fray, remember that this is a time to tap into your spiritual side to help resolve things. If the situation isn’t likely to improve consider releasing your attachment to your involvement in the situation.

Common things to expect: Headaches, tensions with family members, periods of wanting to isolate, ears ringing, seeing balls of energy or flashes of light, the lights turning on/off without touching them, misunderstandings that flare up out of nowhere, connection with new spirit guides

Guides for this period to work with: Ishtar, Archangel Michael, Kuan Yin,

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