A little background information first:

Welcome to my page about one of my favorite topics—food!  I’m not sure if I can explain just how passionate I am about food and trying out new recipes.  I grew up surrounded by amazing cooks in my family.  My father, from Argentina, and my mother, from Italy, combined forces to cook truly amazing food.  One of my earliest memories is learning to make frittata with vegetables from our garden at about seven years old.

Maybe because of this, I have always loved all types of vegetables.  I spent many years being a vegetarian on and off.  Several months ago, I went back to being a vegetarian, and then, on the guidance of my spirit guides (yup, I know there may be some dubious thoughts running through your mind right now), decided to eliminate eggs and dairy and go vegan.  It wasn’t a super hard transition, except when eating out, which becomes a huge struggle!  You get a lot of shade from some people when you tell them you are eating vegan.  I myself thought I would have a hard time adjusting to cooking this for type of diet because I am also allergic to soy.  Most vegan protein substitutes are soy based.  Plus, I thought the food would likely taste horrible without REAL dairy in it!  I have discovered, with the help of many vegan/vegetarian friends, that this could not be further from the truth.

My hope is that this page inspires you to try new foods, but I do not advocate one dietary lifestyle over the next.  This is simply the path that I feel is best for me, but I always come from a non-judgmental place and I’m not yet sure if I’ll even stick to being vegan for life.  Much like I say about meditation being a practice, where you are never “there.”  I feel the same way about veganism.  I’m in the practice to become one, yet not necessarily “there.” 

We spend a lot of time judging ourselves harshly.  We police ourselves with food and beat ourselves up for the choices we make.  I think we should always embrace who we are, right now, at this present moment and not wait till later.  That doesn’t mean we can’t work towards becoming healthier if the choices we have made towards food are holding us back. 

I’m so happy to be sharing my non-expert, unofficial food trials and tribulations with you!!

Be well,



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