Welcome friends! I am here to help guide you as you harness the power of your own energy to create your best life.  It is my hope that you channel that energy and light within you into kindness and love for others, and that we work together to raise others up in light and love. I know it is quite the struggle during this pandemic. I am here with you, and offering my services remotely to keep us all as safe as possible.



Welcome on this journey, together with me, as we learn to be more mindful, kind, balanced and whole.  I call this a journey even though I do not believe that the destination is of particular importance, rather it is about what we do or don’t do along the road to wholeness.  So often we are looking for happiness or joy, as if this is something we have misplaced or something to be obtained from someone or something.  We do this not realizing that the happiness and joy we seek are already inside us.  We already have all we need within us, and we will not find happiness through any outside source.  If you find you have lost your way along the path, or maybe you are just getting started on your journey to being balanced and whole, then I am here to help guide and coach you—to help you succeed in living your best life.  Today and at this present moment. 





Reiki is Japanese light touch therapy.  It is based on the principle that energy can be sourced from the Universe, channeled through a guide, and transferred to another person by means of placing hands on the body.  This channeled energy can help balance the chakra system in the body, increasing physical and emotional well-being.  

During this one hour session, you will relax as I guide you into a meditative state during which time I will work to balance your energy centers in the body. Healing crystals will be specially selected based on your needs and applied to the body to increase the body’s energy activation. You may receive messages from your angels, guides, or spirit animals during this thoroughly relaxing meditation.

Offering: $75 for 1 hour



Gain insight into your life by hearing the messages your guides have for you.  Listen and ask questions as the spirit guides communicate loving messages to you that are for your best and highest good.  I will provide intuitive guidance on life, love, health and wellness.

Want to see if a current or potential mate has compatibility with you?  Sign up for a love reading to see if you are aligned or where the relationship is headed.

Offering $75 for a 45 minute reading

Tarot Cards


Find out what is in store for the new year with this month by month oracle card reading that will give you spiritual guidance and highlight major themes that will arise. You will receive, via email, a custom written reading that outlines what to expect month by month. 

Excellent for those who want to plan ahead, do shadow work, or journal for self development.

Offering: $75

Please note: This service is intended for self-exploration only. You will not have the ability to ask questions. If you would prefer a more traditional one-on-one reading, book a psychic-mediumship reading. 



Learn the basics of meditation or get a refresher to your current practice in this live online class. The principles of meditation will be discussed as well as hands on practice of the most popular

meditation forms.

Offering: $75 for groups up to 5

Meditation 101: Workplace Edition

Interesting in learning how to manifest a more harmonious work environment? Have your employees learn basic meditation with a focus on workplace mindfulness.

Class length is 1 hour and 20 minutes.

Contact me for rates.

Support Group Session


Racial Healing is a process that individuals engage in where they share their own stories and acknowledge that of another in order to start a meaningful healing interaction.  There are several methods used to engage in racial healing; one of these is the use of storytelling primarily through racial healing circles. Racial healing circles are opportunities for deep listening and expose intersectionality. These facilitated circles are exercises that facilitate empathy building, but also allow for deep thinking. The goal is to have participants reflect on what past traumas they have not addressed that are impacting their biases. For many, these traumas are the root cause of their hidden biases. Acknowledging these traumas can lead to self-awareness and healing not just for the individual, but as we have connected, for the generation and into the larger community.  Storytelling is a powerful, historic process. Stories create our reality. It is what we are wired to do as human beings. We focus in the telling of the story to cut through some of the conscious and unconscious noise of our cognitive processes. This is at the heart of this work, of racial healing. 

Groups range in size from 4-12. Please contact me for more information.

Services can be tailored to individual needs. Additional services available - please ask today.



"The Reiki treatments I have received from Laura have been amazing!"

-Amy K



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